Coronavirus (COVID-19) 🚫 Popups postponed

SOS Alert! 🆘🆘🆘
It is a strange time for the millennials... (who, me?!) Earlier this week California called for ban large events/ mass gatherings to slow spread of coronavirus. Schools are closed and people started working from home - we are 100% responsible for the social distance now. With that said, my next two popups are for sure TBD. 
What are you going to do during this time at home? Maybe I will try to learn a new skill and make more earrings? I made this graphic (☝🏼) the other day just for fun and now kind of obsessed with these (I'd love to give credit for the original art if anyone knows where this was from... I screenshot from Pinterest) 
Annnnd here are the updates for my next scheduled spring shows:
Jackalope Pasadena (4/25-4/26) - Postpone
Jackalope Pasadena
Unique market (5/2-5/3) - Cancelled
Hope to see you all in the summer market like last year at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. But at this point... who knows?
unique market spring may



Stay tuned with updates and stay healthy... with a style✨









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